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Wave: The Startup that offers mental health services via app

The pandemic, combined with the continuous instability prevailing in the labour market and by extension in the global economy, has had a very serious impact on the mental health of citizens. The successive lockdowns, the restrictive measures, the economic crisis and above all the uncertainty about the future, have dramatically increased the diagnoses of mental […]

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MYNDUP: £300,000 in 3rd seed round after transforming mental health for over 50,000 professionals

British mental health startup MYNDUP has raised £300,000 in an oversubscribed third round of seed funding. Founded in February 2020, the company has now received £500,000 in investment and grants since December last year, with investors recognising MYNDUP’s innovative offering and potential for further growth. MYNDUP aims to end the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health […]

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