The Photokipia project revolutionizes agricultural production

Greek 100% green innovation that reduces energy costs and increases production

The 100% energy autonomous greenhouse of the Greek company OET (OrganicElectronicTechnologies), has been operating for a year in Thermi, Thessaloniki with very positive results (increase of hydroponic tomato production up to 20%), and is presented among others in the framework of the International Conference NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022, (2-9 July) in Thessaloniki.

The “green” autonomous greenhouse is the “beginning” of the Photokipia research project presented at the Agrivoltaics International Conference in Italy (15-17 June). The aim of Photokipia is the development of large-scale organic and printed photovoltaics (OPVs) for the construction of efficient greenhouses that allow the proper development of greenhouse cultivation of Agrophotabolic and Organic Electronics. The answer to the problem.

Despite the EU’s target of producing 30% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 and despite the significant steps that have been taken, almost every stage of food production relies on gas and oil. We are experiencing the effects of this situation even more acutely, not least because of the energy crisis, which is turning into a food crisis.

One answer to the problem is the extensive use of agrovoltaics, i.e. photovoltaics that can be used in greenhouses and “exploit” the sunshine to feed the production processes.

The Greek company OET recently presented another revolutionary application in the field of photovoltaics.

These are the organic photovoltaics, the so-called 3rd generation photovoltaics that are produced in Greece and have unique flexibility, are very light, environmentally friendly and transparent. At the same time they absorb solar energy, preventing the UV radiation that is harmful to humans and plants.

Through the research project PHOTOKIPIA, in which members of the ASSOCIATION HOPE-A (HellenicOrganicsPrintedElectronicAssociation) have a main role, large-scale photovoltaics (OPVs) are being developed to create “energy-efficient greenhouses” that allow the proper development of greenhouse cultivation.

The PHOTOKIPIA project with the pioneering combination of energy production and the primary sector for the creation of an “Energy Efficient Greenhouse”, contributes decisively to the Agricultural and National Economy not only at national, but also at European level, since it offers energy friendly to the environment, cheap solution and at the same time increases the quantity and quality of the crop.

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