Eurolife FFH: Returns of up to 1.96% in capital fund management programs in 2021

A return of 1.96% was recorded in the investment portfolio of Eurolife FFH Capital Fund Management Programs for the past year, confirming the company’s superiority in investment portfolio management. This is another return that is added to the streak of high returns enjoyed over time by the policyholders of Eurolife FFH’s capital fund management programs

Both businesses and their employees have multiple benefits and advantages from capital fund management plans (pension plans). It is a benefit that significantly strengthens the relationship of trust between employer and human resources, while creating a working environment that cultivates safety and security in the employee. In addition, a group pension plan offers a competitive rewards package and tax benefits, while it is an incentive to increase productivity.

Eurolife FFH, with its expertise and experience in managing investment portfolios, managed to achieve a significant return of 1.96%.

“For us, it is worth looking at the benefit of the people who trust us “noted Leonidas Sideris, the Head Group and Affinity business in Eurolife FFH, adding that “regardless of any challenges posed by the current socio-economic environment, with the experience that our people have, we always make sure to be next to all those who have chosen us, empowering them to achieve more every day.”

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