Specisoft and Agricultural University invest in Smart Agro Hub

Specisoft, the specialized software development company, announced its participation in the share capital of the newly established Smart Agro Hub.Specifically, a few days ago, the president and CEO of Specisoft, Theoklis Vassiliadis, signed the company’s participation in the share capital of Smart Agro Hub, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and other companies specialized in the field of primary sector. In the newly established company, Theoklis Vassiliadis is also a member of the Board of Directors.

According to a relevant announcement, the aim of the new body is to create a Competence Center in the field of digital technologies in the agricultural sector. The Agricultural University of Athens, Specisoft and companies that jointly submitted the proposal to the “CENTERS OF CAPACITIES” program of the General Secretariat for Research and Prevention (GSEK) are involved as shareholders in Smart Agro Hub.

The purpose of the established société anonyme is to function as a place for testing, evaluation and improvement of relevant technologies by companies in the agri-food sector and smart technology related companies (Living Labs) to provide services, product development and smart technologies in the agricultural sector, to develop and maintain a highly qualified staff through appropriate training and experience. At the same time, it aims to provide consulting, coordination, guidance and training to other companies and organizations, to act as a point of contact and representation of companies in meetings between private and public bodies at national and international level, as well as to act as a leader in the field of innovation in Smart Farming and New Technologies.

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