A Forum about Entrepreneurship in EU by CAPITALS Business Circle

CAPITALS Business Circle opens the Dialogue about Entrepreneurship in EU, organising the CBC Forum about Entrepreneurship in EU with the support of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs in Brussels, discussing with high level speakers the topic: ‘Trends & Perspectives of Entrepreneurship in EU. Which should be the EU Strategy about Entrepreneurship after the coming European Elections and what can Europe learn from Silicon Valley?’.

High level Speakers:
Yannis Salavopoulos, Economic & Commercial Attache, Embassy of Greece, Founder & President CBC.
Bernd Hüttemann, General Secretary, European Movement – Germany (Part of largest pro EU Network, European Movement International)
– Panel with Moderation: Bernd Hüttemann, Dimitris Tsigos, President of European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (YES), Board Member of European Association of Business Angels (EBAN), Entrepreneur and Investor, Axel Schultze, CEO Society3 Accelerator, Entrepreneur and Investor from Silicon Valley with experience from EU Institutions, former advisor of one of Linkedin’s Co-Founder.
-Interactive Dialogue, Q&A.
-Interactive Networking.

For more information on CAPITALS Business Circle you can visit the site www.capitalsbusinesscircle.org.

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