Two Greek Startups at the European Reach Incubator

The two Startups are based in Athens and are developing two distinct innovations that allowed them join the EU incubator

Two Startups from Greece got the “ticket” to join the Reach Incubator, a European incubator for big data. The two Greek Startups EV Loader and Travel2Fit were selected among the 33 that will participate, as part of the European project REACH. REACH is funded by the European Commission, having launched its innovation action since September 2020, aiming at reliable and secure data value chains.

In other words, it is an incubator that deals with second-generation big data and is based on the efforts of EDI – European Data Incubator to accelerate innovation with a general focus on data in Europe and a vision of a common European data space as well as the development of the European data market itself.

Specifically, it has set itself the goal of being the main innovation mechanism that supports testing with secure and reliable data value chains in various sectors and the launch of new data-driven products and services on the market, leveraging the capabilities of the best DIHs in Europe.

In this context, it provides support to over 100 business ideas from SMEs and Startups, each time selecting 30 business cases through a total of 3 open calls, and distributing the total amount of 3,5 million euros with the ultimate aim of boosting sustainable, data-driven solutions.

The Greek Startups that will participate in the incubator

EV Loader is a Startup engaged in the provision of charging station management software to businesses, having developed the first, open to all, network of chargers in Greece and Southeastern Europe. Its network includes both hotels and shops, which benefit financially from the charging of their visitors’ cars.

At the same time, the company offers different models of chargers and installation services by licensed electricians throughout Greece depending on the demand, the business and the needs of its customers. It was founded in 2018 by Christos Stefanatos and is gradually growing its team, now consisting of 7 people.

The Startup is therefore engaged in the development of software for the efficient management of electric vehicle charging stations and solar energy projects, now connecting EV drivers with available charging points also in municipalities, parking lots and shops.

Travel2Fit is a platform for creating and managing travel recommendations that helps professionals in the tourism industry, such as hoteliers and tour operators, in the personalized sales process. It was created just last year, by Savvas Rogotis (co-founded by Konstantinos Karalas and Athanasios Manos), as part of CapsuleT, to contribute to the automation of travel proposals, since it allows the “booking” of more and more offers directly, addressing the modern needs of hoteliers, property managers and travel advisors.

The Startup with 10 more members has managed to join the program as an IT Services and IT Consulting company in the tourism sector.In fact, having a series of innovations, such as the automated integration of attractive content for destinations, CRM features, monitoring of proposals and a business intelligence table, it constantly increases the commitment of users and the sales of tourism businesses, which they achieve through their promotion by acquiring new parallel sources of revenue.

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