Papaki gives alternative “Blue Monday” leave and extra benefits to employees

As part of the already existing privileges, the company introduces a different day off and a Ticket Restaurant for catering, enhancing its flexible working model

Papaki, wanting to reward and thank in practice its employees, strengthens the quiver of its labor privileges with two new benefits, creating something new in the labor market.

In particular, in the midst of the unprecedented crisis, it is offering by standing order through the Edenred Ticket Restaurant card an amount in monthly expenses in the catering industry. Employees can use the card in supermarkets, online restaurants, cafes, restaurants and anything else they choose.

In addition, Papaki offers for 2022 an extra day off to all its employees! This is a privilege granted to the entire group to which Papaki belongs. This day on was called “Blue Monday“, subverting the meaning of the most depressing day of the year. It’s a day of joy and rest, and of course it’s not necessarily a Monday, but everyone can choose when to schedule their own “Blue Monday.”

The above two privileges are added to a series of many privileges already granted to Papaki’s employees for years, aiming at professional satisfaction, reward and recognition of each member individually.

All Papaki’s employment privileges


The most basic privilege at Papaki is teleworking. Everyone can actually work from anywhere while the company provides all the necessary technological equipment for remote work.

Flexibility of working hours

In order to achieve a good work-life balance, employees have the possibility of flexible working hours. For example, parents can interrupt their work for 2 hours at noon, take the children out of school and have lunch together. Also, whoever wants to regulate his work and his meetings can interrupt beyond the break and continue later.

Private health insurance

Health always comes first and Papaki provides private health insurance through Interamerican to all its employees. Annual check ups, medical examinations, visits to doctors and clinics are all scheduled and the appropriate cost coverage is provided.

Training opportunities

As part of the annual benefits, each employee has the opportunity to choose a seminar or training they are interested in attending and the company covers the cost.


And because birthdays are a special day for everyone, in Papaki it is a day off. Even if the birthday happens on a public holiday, then the leave moves on the first working day that follows and is a good opportunity for excursion and rest.

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