Crowe U.K. LLP: Implements M-Files to support its digital transformation

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, has announced that Crowe U.K. LLP, a leading audit, tax, advisory and risk firm, has implemented M-Files to drive digitization and increase collaboration across its national offices and functions. Trusted by thousands of clients worldwide for its broad technical expertise and deep market knowledge, Crowe UK relies on documents for almost every process throughout its organization. In support of its digital transformation journey, Crowe UK selected M-Files in 2020 to significantly improve the ease in which its employees and partners were able to access the information and content they needed, regardless of their location, while maintaining security and ensuring compliance.

As a document-heavy business, Crowe UK realized it needed a document management solution to help centralize records to reduce expenses and streamline routine tasks so its employees could focus on high-value work that better impacts the company’s bottom line and the value delivered to its clients. Frustrated by its traditional file-sharing system and complex security requirements to adhere to GDPR standards, Crowe UK chose M-Files based on the company’s modern approach to ECM and digital document management. With the M-Files platform, Crowe UK has now improved data management, reduced content chaos, removed information silos and is able to better secure client information while boosting compliance, enterprise risk management and data governance.

“Moving away from file shares and utilizing the inherent sophistication of a modern document management system was seen as a key element in our overall digital transformation initiative,” said Ian Norman, National Technology Director, Crowe UK. “Despite implementing the solution right in the midst of the pandemic, M-Files was able to adapt with us and roll out a fully functioning system under lockdown conditions to more than a thousand people. This underlined what we felt was a modern, flexible approach to a client-supplier interaction.”

The M-Files platform provides Crowe UK with a single, holistic view into all the company’s information and documents, enabling a more flexible and transparent way to manage and secure the firm’s data. And, for the employees who favor a more traditional file retrieval process over M-Files’ sophisticated search engines, the platform’s views functionality makes it easy to source information.

“To us, the M-Files application has a simple and easy-to-use and understand interface that employees can easily embrace,” said Ian. “We had a post-implementation review and concluded that this is one of those projects where there was very little if anything we would have done differently. A lack of collaboration across offices and functions has become a thing of the past. We feel we now have full collaboration. M-Files has been an important tool in solving this problem.”

For professional services firms, M-Files enables business continuity and reduces risk with dynamic security and enforced governance. M-Files provides a smarter way to work by delivering connected content and intelligent automation in today’s digital work-from-anywhere world. By providing powerful tools for search, content lifecycle management and automated workflows, M-Files increases the productivity of knowledge workers.

“Our platform ensures a seamless digital customer experience by offering intelligent workflows and business process automation, which assists users and puts content and information into the right context,” said Antti Nivala, Founder and CEO, M-Files. “Content in external repositories can be managed and viewed in context alongside documents and information stored in M-Files to drive efficiencies while guiding knowledge workers to produce the best possible business outcomes.”

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