Investment 1M euros at Nubis from Elikonos Jeremie Fund!

The amount of 1 million euros was invested at Nubis, a Greek enterprise software house from Elikonos Jeremie Fund, a European Investment Fund that supports innovative IT companies.

Nubis is planning to use the new funds in order to empower its presence in the Greek market and at the same time to begin its first expansion steps at other countries, in order to bid for large-scale business projects. The company is at the edge of Cloud App Development, since it has created an innovative cloud platform for managing data in a whole new way. Since recently, businesses around the world where forced to install and maintain complex software solutions, running on expensive hardware, in order to manage their company operations and access valuable data.

Today, with Nubis, companies now easily automate business processes and increase productivity, make informed decisions faster, from anywhere, using any device, reach more customers and boost sales, reduce impressively software cost of ownership etc.

Dimitris Kontinos, Chief Executive Officer of Nubis stated: “Without any doubt, the sealing of such an important amount as an investment and at the same time the confidence and trust that the investors of Elikonos Jeremie SICAR showed to us, are very honorary for our company. With the new capital, we believe that Nubis enters a new and very promising stage, in which we will try to develop more advanced solutions that will add value to our customers and partners. Simultaneously, we will have the opportunity to unfold in a faster pace our presence at other countries and stabilize our business at the Greek market”.

Takis Solomos, Partner of Elikonos Jeremie SICAR said: “We are very happy that Elikonos Jeremie SICAR finalized its investment at Nubis, a company that has high quality shareholders and employees. We believe that the company has one of the most advanced full-cloud solution of the Greek Enterprise Software market. A solution that is similar with the best of the kind internationally”.

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