ÜberResearch secures investment from Digital Science

ÜberResearch, a technology company focused on providing data-led intelligence to providers of scientific research funding, has secured investment from Digital Science, a global software company headquartered in London and operated by Macmillan Science & Education.

The investment capital will be used to accelerate development of its cloud-based grants solution and to open offices in the UK and the US. Headquartered in Cologne, ÜberResearch was launched by former founding executives of Collexis, a developer of semantic technology and knowledge discovery software, acquired by Elsevier in 2010. The first ÜberResearch prototype launched in August 2013 to their ten development partners and the first beta release of the platform is scheduled for late 2013.

ÜberResearch will provide funders, large and small, with all the tools and data they need to award, manage, analyze and report on the funding of scientific research. The platform will also facilitate the secure sharing of awarded grant data amongst participants. By analyzing other grants awarded around the world, it will ensure that funders are not duplicating the efforts of other institutions and will suggest opportunities for collaboration on complementary projects.

The ÜberResearch team has worked for nearly ten years together in various settings – always focusing successfully on how to build applications and tools supporting decision makers and organizations in the science context.

As the company states: “our mission is to build decision support solutions for science funding organizations. The team below has created and implemented some of the most advanced solutions for large scientific funders around the world. We hope to leverage this experience to standardized an analytical platform of the very best decision support tools available. By using state of the art technology and cloud based solutions we are able to provide functionality, which was once only available to large funders, to the entire funding market. Instead of individual implementations, we are connecting different funders to allow them to coordinate and align their approaches. We believe this consortia approach will benefit all parties”.

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