Polish startup QuarticON enters China!

QuarticON, a Polish startup which offers comprehensive solutions in intelligent customization and product recommendations integrated with retargeting options for real-time bidding, has entered the Chinese market after cooperating with Baidu, the biggest local site.

Already, the first Chinese e-commerce clients are testing the system of ads and recommendations provided by QuarticON and running campaigns targeted at Chinese audiences. This move is very important, since QuarticON is the first company in Central Europe region and one of the very few worldwide to secure the necessary licences in order to offer advertising services in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Today, China is the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world with an estimated value of e-commerce sales that will reach 298 billion dollars this year, strengthen by 37,3% from last year. By 2018, it is expected to exceed $1 trillion, amounting to over 40% of the global market! At the same time, nearly 24 billion dollars were spent on online advertising in China in 2014.

“At this point, we are focusing strongly on our business in China, but our ambition is not limited to Asian markets. QuarticON is already present on key European markets and we’re planning to invest in Latin America, in the Middle East, and in Northern Africa”, said Przemysław Mańkowski, Chief Executive Officer of QuarticON.

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