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Maria Pinelli, EY: “Think like Entrepreneur, even if You’re Not” (video-interview) met with Maria Pinelli, Global Vice President of Strategic Growth Markets at EY Global, at EY offices at Becket House, London and discussed about creating a friendlier environment in Europe towards entrepreneurship. Ms. Pinelli mentioned how important is for G20 the contribution of entrepreneurship to the global economy and society, as entrepreneurs create the […]

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A Forum about Entrepreneurship in EU by CAPITALS Business Circle

CAPITALS Business Circle opens the Dialogue about Entrepreneurship in EU, organising the CBC Forum about Entrepreneurship in EU with the support of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs in Brussels, discussing with high level speakers the topic: ‘Trends & Perspectives of Entrepreneurship in EU. Which should be the EU Strategy about Entrepreneurship after the coming […]

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CAPITALS Business Circle is a Network that Connects Global Diplomacy and Politics Leaders with Inspiring International Entrepreneurs

CAPITALS Business Circle is a newly-founded non-profit, independent organisation that aims at connecting global thinkers and leaders of Diplomacy and Politics with inspiring international entrepreneurs. With the goal to build trusted communities among them hosts selected organisations and leading professionals from Economy, Business, Diplomacy, Politics and Academics to exchange views on global economic and business […]

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