Future Startuppers won in Envolve Entrepreneurship with GreenTech as a weapon

a live digital broadcast of the award ceremony, receiving a series of important prizes

On Sunday, April 3, Envolve Entrepreneurship announced the five winners of the second Panhellenic Youth Entrepreneurship Student Competition oriented towards Sustainable Development, a competition that attracted interest and applications from schools all over Greece. The competition was held for the second consecutive year, under the education pillar of Envolve Entrepreneurship, the organization that has consistently supported innovative entrepreneurship since 2012, having completed a ten-year presence in the Greek ecosystem of Startups and innovation.

The digital award ceremony was broadcasted live through Envolve’s Facebook and YouTube channels, where the 10 teams this year from Attica, Kefalonia, Kos, Crete, Larissa, Thessaloniki and Kavala presented their projects.This year’s winners of the competition are: Citree, R.S.P. (Revolutionary Solar Protector), Middle Earth Resort, Cricketro and 3GC. The winners’ ideas include projects involving sustainable products and services for everyday life, nutrition, sustainable cities, tourism, education, charging stations and alternative waste management.

The Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Niki Kerameos, as well as the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Christos Dimas, addressed the award ceremony. The Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, expressed her pleasure for her presence at the award ceremony of the second Panhellenic Youth Entrepreneurship Competition, while congratulating all the participants, as well as the 10 teams that managed to stand out among the 112 that took part in the competition.

At the same time, she stated that the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs considers the sustainable model of life and economic development of the competition to be of major importance, having included issues related to the protection of the environment, protection from climate change, ecological consciousness, in all curricula at school, but also through the skills workshops, which have been introduced since this school year in all kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools of the country, aiming to make environmental awareness and education a way of life from the earliest ages.

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Christos Dimas, in turn mentioned that some of the biggest, innovative and pioneering ideas that evolved into global companies, started by young people, even by high school students, giving his warm congratulations to all the students who participated in the innovation competition but also to the teachers and parents for the support as well as to Envolve for the whole event.

The winners were also awarded with the support of HEDNO, HAEC and Delphi Economic Forum as Sustainability Leaders, BIKEWISE as Sustainability Partner, Microsoft as Education Leader, efood as Supporter and Envolve Entrepreneurship.

Alexandros Nousias, Director of Envolve Entrepreneurship in Greece, shared the pride he feels for all the teams that participated in this year’s student competition, which through the live presentations of their ideas, proved that entrepreneurship and creativity have no age, as he said.He stressed that through their preparation and participation in the competition, middle and high school students learned to recognize the value of teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, proper time management and commitment to the goal.

They have essentially managed to cultivate entrepreneurial skills, the most important asset for a bright business future, if they choose such a path. We are grateful to all the students and teachers who trusted us and were our companions on this journey, in the field of business.We are inspired by the new generation of potential entrepreneurs, who put innovation and sustainability at the forefront. The second round ended with 112 commendable entries. For us, all teams are winners and we are looking forward to the start of the next competition.

The prizes for the winning teams

Specifically, the Citree team will receive an educational trip of five people to the U.S.A., sponsored by HEDNO and Envolve Entrepreneurship, as well as a full scholarship (100% tuition fee waiver) from Hellenic American College.The R.S.P. group (Revolutionary Solar Protector) will receive an educational trip of five people, four days in the area of Zagori, sponsored by BIKEWISE, and a partial scholarship (50% tuition fee waiver) from Hellenic American College.

The Middle Earth Resort team will receive a cheque for the purchase of technological equipment, sponsored by Envolve, as well as a partial scholarship (50% tuition fee waiver) from Hellenic American College. The Cricketro team with the best presentation (elevator pitch) and the 3GC team that received the audience award, will win nutrition coupons, prizes from efood. Finally, all teams will be able to participate in AI Training Camp, sponsored by Microsoft. Following a draw, Citree, Cricketro and Middle Earth Resort will also watch the Delphi Economic Forum live, while the rest of the teams will be digitally sponsored by the Delphi Economic Forum.

The winners of the competition and their projects

Citree won first place, from the 4th Senior High School of Zografou, which built a station for charging electrical means of transport and electronic devices, through renewable energy sources.

R.S.P. won second place (Revolutionary Solar Protector), from the General Senior High School of Filothei, which created a roof made of recycled aluminum, which constantly provides shade, following the sun, painted with photocatalytic colors and equipped with solar panels for its energy autonomy.

Middle Earth Resort won third place, from the General Senior High School of Antimachia, Kos, which developed a tourist business that supports the local economy of a border island, leaving a minimal ecological footprint with cave houses, use of local materials and renewable energy sources.

The Best Presentation Award was given to Cricketro, from the 10th General Senior High School of Larissa, which deals with the field of insect eating, producing foods with raw material insects, which are raised in privately owned facilities.

The Audience Award was given to 3GC, from the 2nd General Senior High School of Thermi “GIORGOS IOANNIS” of Thessaloniki, which has a new approach to waste management, turning garbage into energy, using the method of gasification.

The student competition is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Development and Investments, the Ministry of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace Sector), the Region of Attica, the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Athens, the Municipality of Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni, the Municipality of Kifissia, the Municipality of Veria, the Municipality of Neapolis – Sykies, the Municipality of Nea Smyrni and the Municipality of Orestiada.

MEdIES, Open Coffee Heraklion, POS4work, Women Do Business, Global Shapers, ATRAKTOS, EPLO, Xanthi Tech Lab, Youth Entrepreneurship Club, Bizrut, Skywalker, Startup Greece, Uni.ties and STENTORAS, support the student competition (Community Partners).

More about the business ideas of the 10 finalists here

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