The Greek Transifex was acquired by the American fund PARC Partners

Transifex, the world’s leading continuous localization platform, announced its acquisition by PARC Partners, whose investment will fuel continued growth with additional capital and management resources focused on customer value creation. Chris Reese and Tony Pilnik will assume senior management, succeeding founder Dimitris Glezos who remains an advisor.

“Over my 12 years, it’s been a thrill to reach customers in 70+ countries, develop relationships with 1,400+ leading technology and global enterprises, and build a 55-person team running the top localization platform globally.I am confident that PARC’s ambitious development plans and strategic vision will continue to accelerate the company’s growth and innovation for many years to come.”, said the founder Dimitris Glezos.

Transifex was founded in response to emergent changes in software development and digital content creation that are now ubiquitous. Every company knows that having real-time conversations with customers in their own language creates lasting relationships and, regardless of whether the message is distributed through software, apps, or websites, the key is speed to market. Today all digital products share a common foundation of agile processes that require frequent iterations and constant updates, meaning localization must be embedded into the design and development processes from day one so that features and campaigns are launched at the same speed they are created. The traditional translation industry and its tools were not built to meet this need, so more companies are choosing to reach their customers globally by localizing their software and content with Transifex.”

“We were immediately drawn to Transifex’s vision of making all software and content available in every language, and are very excited to assume leadership roles at the company. As the category-leading product enabling the global ambitions of digital-native companies, Transifex is poised for rapid growth alongside its customers,” said incoming CEO Chris Reese

“We see tremendous demand for a localization solution that sits seamlessly at the core of the tech stack and allows customers to translate their content in the most cost-effective method possible without slowing down the speed of creation.”, explained President Tony Pilnik.

PARC brings considerable resources to Transifex including backing from leading financial institutions, including Pacific Lake Partners and Bridge Bank, and guidance from seasoned board members, including software industry veterans Bob Brennan and Dennis Dresser. The Transifex team remains intact and operations will stay centered around the United States and Greece in support of Transifex’s global customer base.

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