Polish Startup Datarino Group grabs $1.6 mln Series A

Datarino Group, a Poland-based Startup that creates Cluify, a platform enabling to target ads based on customers’ behaviors in the real world, has raised $1.6 million in Series A funding from Luma Ventures, a Venture Capital fund owned by Luma Investment.

Cluify is an online platform that allows advertisers to obtain the list of advertisement identifications (Advertisement ID) of any potential customer group based on geographic and behavioral criteria. This way, brands can reach a whole new audience: the clients of competitors’ brick and mortar stores, the attendees of a sports event, the clients of restaurants, people who visited any given location at a specific time period. Besides, Cluify enables merchants to get to know their shoppers’ in-store behavior and reach people who pass their shop but don’t visit it.

Edward Mężyk_730x400

“So far, the Polish and European markets have lacked comprehensive solutions to allow advertisers to target campaigns based on consumer behavior in the real world. Retail-driven activities, often on a mass scale such as outdoor activities, absorbed most of the marketing budgets and did not provide a clear answer about effectiveness. We are confident that Cluify will fill this gap and open new possibilities for brands, based on real activity, to acquire new customers and get to know the effectiveness of these activities, both online and offline”
, said Edward Mężyk, CEO of Cluify.

The global advertising market is growing every year and brick and mortars stores spent the most mainly on offline channels with limited ability to measure the full performance. Thanks to Cluify, retailers gain new channel of advertising with an effortless access to data on who visited the store and made a purchase after seeing the ad.

Cluify is not Datarino Group’s only product. In 2016, the company created RinoApps, a mobile applications and games studio. RinoApps has already published mobile titles such as Haterick – an application for complaining, 96% Quiz – one of the most popular logic quizzes in Poland, and Everybody – the application that identifies phone numbers.

Until now, Datarino Group was primarily known for Datarino Finance. It is responsible for comprehensive business intelligence and risk assessment projects (KYC) for the biggest financial institutions in CEE. Datarino Group’s clients portfolio includes companies such as Onet Group, ING Group, Boston Consulting Group and Hoist Finance.

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