Strategic partnership between VivaWallet and Alipay

VivaWallet, the most complete payment solution for individuals, professionals and businesses, engages in strategic partnership with the major Chinese online trading platform Alipay.

Through this cooperation, a significant commercial advantage to all businesses that have a VivaWallet account is given, since it “welcomes” new customers from the much promising and anticipated market of China. The customer scans the QR code that is placed in the cashier with his mobile phone and the payment process is completed easily, quickly and safely!

In order for a professional to be able to receive payments with Alipay, the only step that he has to do is to create a VivaWallet business account and print the specific QR code that he will find in his “wallet”. It must be noted that payment with Alipay is also achieved through VivaWallet POS devices.

As Mr. Panos Tsakos, VivaWallet’s Chief Marketing Officer stated: “This year alone, more than 150,000 visitors from China’s promising market are expected to visit a series of Greek tourist areas, such as Santorini, Mykonos or even Athens. This number is projected to increase impressively during the upcoming years and that’s why we are very happy with this important agreement with Alipay. Especially, since for the first time in our country, businesses gain access to one of the world’s largest online trading platforms, with hundreds of millions of subscribers. The new cooperation is part of VivaWallet’s broader strategy of developing and expanding the company abroad”.

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