HUAWEI Watch GT 3: The most versatile smart accessory

Nowadays wearables are undoubtedly an important element of style, but few of them can change appearance and adapt in order to suit any look. With that in mind, HUAWEI designed HUAWEI Watch GT 3, which not only has many advanced features, but also offers many personalized options. Whatever the occasion, HUAWEI Watch GT 3 works not only as a hi-tech personal assistant, but also as a smart fashion accessory. 

Available in two versions, for men(46 mm) and women (42 mm), the new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 is “smart” not only technologically but also in appearance, since it has a range of faces with thousands of colors and themes, while its straps are varied, so that it adapts according to mood, outfit or occasion. The user can choose what he wants his HUAWEI Watch GT 3 to look like -more elegant, sportier, more casual, more professional- and make it an absolute part of his aesthetics and personality. 

In addition to being comfortable and durable, it is also waterproof and absorbs sweat, which makes it ideal for swimming and sports in general, while it is also perfectly suited to everyday looks with jeans and T-shirts. 

In addition, to give consumers a more personalized experience, the new smartwatch supports adjustable faces. Over 10,000 faces with a different theme are available for download—some bold, some minimal, other elegant, or simply functional—so that users can choose the one that matches the outfit, mood, or agenda of the day.

As a user’s fitness management assistant, HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 offers 24-hour SpO2 monitoring and body temperature detection. At the same time, it constantly monitors heart rate, breathing, stress level and the menstrual cycle to help users understand and improve their health.

In addition, HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring technology provides detailed data and hundreds of suggestions to improve the user’s sleep quality. In addition, the upgraded Huawei Health app allows users to set up personalized health reminders, from how many glasses of water they aim to drink daily, to reminders of medications, meditation, rest, sports or positive thinking.

As a fitness assistant, HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 offers 100+ sports modes, including 18 professional training modes, and provides customized fitness programs depending on the user’s fitness and exercise habits.

Finally, Huawei Watch GT 3 has a durable battery and supports fast wireless charging using a base or power bank wireless charging, as well as reverse wireless charging.

The new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Series is available from Monday, December 6, 2021 throughout the company’s official network of stores with an extra strap as a gift– perfect for a gift at this year’s holidays.

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