Startup FFM AG receives Swiss fund investment 

Arclif Ventures of Arclif Group AG invested in FFM Projekt AG, startup in the field of fully automated industrial vending machines for the food business.


Arclif Ventures Fund of Arclif Group AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, announced it has invested 7-digit in the Swiss Startup FFM Projekt AG in the field of fully automated industrial vending machines for the food business.

FFM Project AG is a sound and profound technology startup headquartered in Wil-SG.

“The founding team of FFM Project AG has a strong background in developing and implementing consumer products inclusive services and a track record of scaling the needs quickly”, said Neoklis A. Lazanas, Chairman at Arclif Ventures Fund from Zug, Switzerland.

“We`re firm believers in the team`s mission to build the largest vending machine production lines and become the leading tech-brand of food vending machines worldwide. Also and increasingly, the brightest, most ambitious entrepreneurs are choosing to focus on fully automated vending processing machines now and in future.”

FFM or Fast Forward Movement Projekt AG is launching its second-generation frying solutions and innovative storing dispenser for temperature-controlled food products. They will be solving several problems currently experienced by operators in the food industry.

Daniel Kamber, CEO from FFM Projekt AG:
“The participation of Arclif means a much quicker to market for our globally anticipated solutions. Together we will accelerate our presence on a much wider geographical area.”

Rene Dimmeler, COO from FFM Projekt AG: “Indeed, we plan to enter the lucrative Vending-machine segment for hot food serving too. This market is poised to exponentially grow over the next decade and given our patented solutions, we can take advantage of the first-mover position while having a technological barrier that any would-be competitors first has to overcome.”

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