Digital wallet for driving licence, health card and ID card

The Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, in a television interview at SKAI, referred among other things to the renewal of the driving license through a platform.

Specifically, in cooperation with the political leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, he pointed out that it will start operating from this week, as follows: “we will present to the Prime Minister the step of a broader strategy in the field of transport, digital renewal of a driving license and copy of the driving license. As far as the renewal of a driving licence is concerned, we have 210,000 renewals a year which are performed using a non-standard procedure.

The people over-65 years old need to renew their driving licence every three years, those over 80 years old every two years and professionals every five years. The whole process will now be done through a platform, someone will meet the doctors for the required tests, but everything will be done with an sms and information on the progress of the application in a digitally designed way.”

The minister stressed that in the digital wallet, that is in the wallet of the mobile, the identity card, the driving license and the children’s health card will also be available.

“Our mobile phone is being turned into our identification element and identification data in general is useful to be understood as services. What we will do is build a targeted service with the existing IDs and driver’s licenses and add them to the wallet of mobile phones. The idea is to have a digital wallet application, to make it easier for the citizen, in a secure way, to have these data and with additional personal data cares at the same time.”

Also, the children’s health card will be added to the mobile wallet, as it is “a broader digital health strategy. The idea here is to digitize our medical records for convenience and greater security in our interaction with the health system. Therefore, we need a system that reminds parents that the time has come to vaccinate the child or that he has an automated record so that if anything happens, a health system specialist has automatic access to the data that he needs to help us.”

Regarding digital signatures, he reiterated that more than 650,000 digital signatures will be made available free of charge in January to targeted professional groups, such as lawyers, notaries, business managers, accountants. “It is a very important service to the citizen and the professional”, he noted.

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