Uni Systems: Acquired 20% of Optechain – Digital solutions for retail and electrification

Uni Systems is making a new investment aiming to provide solutions for retail businesses and electromobility. The Quest Group company, and one of the leading forces in the IT industry, announced a 20% investment in Optechain. In particular, the cooperation between the two aims at the development of innovative solutions for phygital retailing and electromobility, focusing on the cloud and artificial intelligence, as well as the implementation of the customers’ digital transformation. At the same time, Uni Systems’ investment in the startup looks forward to enhancing the know-how of the two companies as well as expanding them into new markets.

“Retale” and “Optecharge”, two innovative services developed by the Startup for retail and electric cars respectively, are expected to play an important role in the cooperation between Uni Systems and Optechain.Retale offers a multitude of solutions that transform the physical retail world into a seamless digital experience, focusing on all aspects of digital signage, digital queueing, electronic price labels and retail demo apps. As for Optecharge, the service offers a range of charging solutions that maximize network integration, energy durability and flexibility, but also ease of use. It is noted that Optechain’s solutions are cloud-based, following a SaaS model and are offered through Microsoft Azure.

“This investment will bring us one step closer to our vision for the future and will allow us to create more digital experiences as we enter new markets and industries across Europe, combining our expertise and Optechain’s specialized technological expertise creates significant opportunities for our dynamic teams who are constantly working for the digital transformation of our customers, focusing on offering innovative solutions that enhance our sustainable future. Being part of our ecosystem, Optechain shares our vision and ambitions and this makes them our most suitable partner on this journey.”, said Antony Cassano Business Development Director of Uni Systems.

“Uni Systems’ investment in our company allows us to strengthen our strategy for the future. We create a strong cooperation scheme, with more potential and greater competitiveness, while we aim for new international markets in the areas of Retail, Smart Cities, Smart Energy and others. Through this partnership, we further strengthen our position in the market and create new innovative solutions for both electric cars and phygital retail. We are excited to expand the scope of our partnership with Uni Systems and look forward to working together as we accelerate our journey towards an electrified future for the benefit of our planet.”, stated Konstantinos Kehagias, General Manager of Optechain.

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