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Tag: INTERVIEWS Using Big Data and Behavioral Analytics to Provide Better Health (video-interview) is a big data startup in the health sector that develops a mobile application and a platform that lets care providers manage their patients with chronic conditions through behavioral analytics. The platform is designed to reflect how a patient’s health changes day by day and using analytics it provides the clinical teams with actionable […]

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John C. Fox: “Startups in Europe are Trying to Tackle Practical Problems, San Franscisco’s are Focusing on the Next Billion-Dollar Idea” (video interview)

John C. Fox is an independent software engineer, creator of MemoryMiner and lead iOS developer for Findery. The last week he has been working from Athens, Greece through “meta-organisation” for developers Appsterdam, working side by side, connecting with and addressing talks to Greek startup entrepreneurs. caught up with him at Orange Grove, a startups […]

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Pavlo Phitidis, AURIK: “Post-Apartheid Society in South Africa Boosts Entrepreneurial Culture” (video interview)

Pavlo Phitidis is the founder and CEO of AURIK Business Incubator in South Africa, working with entrepreneurs and startups in early stages. met with him at The Cube Athens where he discussed with local entrepreneurs. Phitidis explained how AURIK is helping entrepreneurs build Assets of Value, as he calls them, meaning businesses that are […]

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