Posidonia: Innovation Hub – protagonists four Greek Startups

Allweb Solutions SA, ATC, PaloServices and Rhoé presented their innovative proposals. Their representatives spoke to Startupper.gr

From last Monday (6/6) until this afternoon the Athens Metropolitan Expo has been the center of the global shipping community. After hosting the international exhibition, “Posidonia 2022“, which – for yet another year – is a hub for the meeting and conciliation of professionals (from various countries) related to shipping. “Greenhouse” where new partnerships thrive and “projector” so that Startups present their innovative proposals.

Among the companies-exhibitors were four Greek Startups, which, with the pavilion of the Hellenic Association of Innovative Applications Companies (SEKEE), put into practice the moto: “Shipping meets the Greek ICT ecosystem“.

Allweb Solutions SA, Athens Technology Center (ATC), PaloServices and Rhoé – seized the opportunity and presented to thousands of visitors their innovative products.

Startupper.gr was at the stand of SEKEE and gave the floor to their representatives. They talked to us about their companies and their participation in the exhibition.

Allweb Solutions SA: «Powering Data Knowledge»

Our participation in Posidonia 2022, which is conducted with absolute success, has been a springboard for the expansion of our activities through the vertical integration in the shipping sector of the SAAS platforms we provide, always applying our basic principle of “Powering Data Knowledge” to the companies of the sector.”, said the CEO of Allweb Solutions SA, Ioanna Ioannidou.

ATC: MAS an integrated, fully scalable and cost-effective financial and accounting management solution

ATC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Margarita Koromila, stated: “Athens Technology Center, a pioneer in the design and development of innovative integrated software solutions, presented the Maritime Accounting Software (MAS), an integrated, fully scalable and cost-effective financial and accounting management solution, uniquely adapted for the needs of shipping.

This cloud-ready solution provides ship owners, financial managers and accountants with all the information they need to make real-time decisions.

MAS is the product of a unique collaboration, as it incorporates:

• The incomparable knowledge of Moore Greece in maritime accounting, a world leader in this field, with many years of relationship with the shipping industry.

•The extensive know-how and experience of ATC, which undertook, among other things, the adaptation of the innovative technology of Epicor Kinetic (the new name of Epicor ERP), an internationally recognized, complete business resource management system, with thousands of customers worldwide.

The ultimate goal of the 2 companies is for MAS to be the heart of an information system that will include all the critical figures that a shipping company monitors.

Within the framework of the event, stakeholders were informed about the functionalities and benefits of the solution, as well as about the 1st successful implementation case at Halkidon Shipping.

PaloServices: First in the creation of algorithms and models of AI for disinformation and propaganda networks in Greek.

The Social Media Data Analyst at PaloServices, Eva Anja, told us: “We are a high-tech company that offers Web & Social Intelligence services to communicators, marketers and social media executives.

At the same time, it provides innovative ways of monitoring and analyzing the news on the Internet and the content produced on social networks in real time.

Using artificial intelligence, machine & deep learning technologies (ML, DL), PaloServices aims to understand human behavior in the digital ecosystem.

The company’s business activity covers the wider region of Southeastern Europe while in Greece and Cyprus it is a leader in the field of consumer behavior analysis on social networks.

Its customers include leading brands such as L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, Nestle, Cosmote, Wind-Nova, Eurobank, Alpha Bank, AstraZeneca, Kotsovolos, Public Group, BAT, Peugeot etc. The sectors it covers include banking, telecommunications, trade, energy, as well as shipping.

For many years, it has been collaborating with research institutions and leading universities such as the following, the University of the Aegean, the National Technical University of Athens, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Harokopio University, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki etc.

The aim of all these collaborations is to develop innovative services such as sentiment analysis, emotion analysis and recently Astroturfing.

Astroturfing is the detection of organized actions of disinformation and spread of fake news on social media and media in general.

We are particularly happy to be the first Greek company to create algorithms and AI models for disinformation and propaganda networks in the Greek language.

Rhoé: Unique opportunity to showcase our innovations in maritime transport

Emilios Mouhtaropoulos, co-founder and marketing manager at Rhoé, said: “Our participation in “Posidonia 2022”, and indeed as a member company of the Hellenic Association of Innovative Applications Companies (SEKEE), was a unique opportunity for us to present the innovations we bring in the field of maritime transport, to meet new partners in our effort to decarbonize the shipping industry and explore new ideas.

The fact that as an exhibition it hosts almost 2000 companies, combined with the large number of conferences and seminars on new projects, solutions and trends in the industry, made it the ideal place to achieve our goal and we certainly could not miss it.

In fact, when we talk about a Startup, like us, where we deal with something so new in the shipping industry as the development of software for detachable batteries on electric ships, you understand that the value of all this multiplies.

Having as a vision to lead in the transition to cleaner forms of energy, we were given the opportunity to highlight in a, so far quite conservative, industry that the shift to more sustainable modes of transport does not have to entail high costs and to present them with the Energy-as-a-Service platform.

It is a network of detachable batteries for electric ships, which ensures that shipowners have the energy they need when they need it and at a competitive price.

The platform controls and optimizes the work cycle of the above network, providing numerous industry-leading features, such as charging station location design, infrastructure development, battery charging strategy and revenue management methodologies, with the aim of providing ship owners and operators with the benefits of electrification without the excessively high capital costs that come with it.”

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