Using Big Data and Behavioral Analytics to Provide Better Health (video-interview) is a big data startup in the health sector that develops a mobile application and a platform that lets care providers manage their patients with chronic conditions through behavioral analytics.

The platform is designed to reflect how a patient’s health changes day by day and using analytics it provides the clinical teams with actionable alerts, so they can incorporate any intervention into their workflow.

Individuals on the other end are being offered with better clinical support when their health takes a hit, as the application is using data from the user’s phone, turns them into insights and using behavioral analytics and patterns alerts care providers to reach out to their patients.

The platform is offered to healthcare professionals and institutions which they enroll their patients to the system.

Anmol Madan, co-founder and CEO of, participated in MIT Enterprise Forum Greece’s StartSmart Conference and met with him and find out all about one of the most up-and-coming health startups in San Francisco.

Watch Madan answering about the application, privacy issues and how is it running a startup on the video interview below

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