MYTILINEOS creates the largest data center in Greece

MYTILINEOS through the Department of Sustainable Development Projects undertakes the construction of the largest data center in Greece. Athens-3 (ATH3), as it will be called, will be the new, state-of-the-art data center of Lamda Hellix, a Digital Realty Company, at the company’s facilities in Koropi. This project comes on top of the already existing Athens-1 and Athens-2 (ATH1 & ATH2), will be the largest data center in Greece, covering an area of 8,600 sq. m. of building facilities, while it will be constructed according to Tier III standards and certified according to LEED.

At the same time, ATH-3 will be able to be 100% supplied with “green” energy, minimizing the environmental footprint of this investment. Its capacity will reach 6.8MW, while the first phase of the works is expected to be completed in December 2022.

The Sustainable Development Projects Department of MYTILINEOS continues to grow dynamically in markets with high demands in the execution of complex technical projects, capitalizing on 20 years of experience in similar projects. The collaboration with Digital Realty, one of the largest companies in the data centers market with over 290 facilities in 26 countries, highlights a new dynamic and comes on top of an ever-growing portfolio of high added value projects.

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