Alithea Genomics: Raised 972 million euros for the RNA-seq study with NGS

The Biotech Startup based in Lausanne approaches the development of parallel RNA sequence in a revolutionary way and changes the game in the field of biomedicine

Alithea Genomics raised 972 million euros in new funding, led by Novalis Biotech Acceleration, with the participation of private investors based in Switzerland.

The proceeds from the funding will be used to expand the commercial exploitation and scaling-up of its new products, MERCURIUS BRB-seq and MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq, a revolutionary approach that allows for the effective development of a parallel RNA sequence from blood samples.

Headquartered in Lausanne, Alithea has developed a proprietary technology called Bulk RNA Barcoding and Sequencing (BRB-seq), which allows the preparation of hundreds of RNA sequencing samples in a single tube. It is a rapidly growing biotech Startup in the field of RNA sequence analysis and transcriptional analysis, contributing to the medical development of the future. Across the spectrum of healthcare and medical development, technology is now at the forefront of promoting innovation and developing new solutions.

The RNA data, collected and processed by Alithea using the NGS (second generation sequence) method, determines which of the genes encoded in the DNA are activated or deactivated and to what extent, for example in a diseased cell or in response to a drug. The traditional preparation of samples to determine the sequence of RNA is expensive and time-consuming due to the large amounts of reagents and manual tasks that are usually required, but Alithea is changing the data. Alithea’s BRB-seq technology drastically reduces the costs and time associated with preparing the library for RNA analysis.This means that there is a good chance that BRB-seq will become a key tool in the already existing areas of biomedical research and in new areas of RNA-dependent applications.

“Following the successful initial release of the BRB-seq and related kits, we are now ready to expand and scale the commercial rollout. This Startup. funding will allow us to launch and implement these ambitious projects. We are grateful to Novalis and our private investors, not only for their investment but also for the shared vision of a successful future for Alithea.”, said Riccardo Dainese, CEO and Co-Founder of Alithea Genomics.

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