Markos Veremis and Franck Cohen acquire 45% of Softone

Softone Group of companies, a member of Οlympia investment group, announces the entry of Markos Veremis and an international investment group under Franck Cohen in the share capital and the Board of Directors of the company.

Franck Cohen’s participation in the Board of Directors confirms Softone group’s strategy of adaptation to the management standards of international technology companies. Franck Cohen held managerial positions at SAP Europe, the Middle East and Africa for many years, and in recent years he has been working as a consultant to technology companies such as UIPath and Workday.

Markos Veremis is a co-founder and President of Upstream, as well as a partner at BigPi Venture Capital. He is a Member of the Executive Committee of SEV, and at the same time an active investor and member of the Board of Directors of successful technology companies such as Persado, Workable and Hellas Direct. Along with the above, Olympia Group and Antonis Kyriazis remain on the Board of Directors and in the share capital of the company with the same percentages.

This investment is made entirely through the acquisition of all the shares of G. Karatzikos, D. Valachi, N. Arenikis and S. Voglitsis, who after the transaction also resign from their position as members of the Board of Softone, with G. Karatzikos and D. Valahis remaining salaried advisors of the company.

“This investment makes us proud in principle because it is an essential recognition of SOFTONE’s commercial success and product strategy by investors with an international reach and long-term horizon. At the same time, Markos Veremis and Franck Cohen, together with Antonis Kyriazis, Olympia Group and international investors, are the right partners in the Board of Directors to support our growth strategy and promote innovation and digital business solutions in businesses in Greece and abroad. SOFTONE’s family is becoming even stronger and is laying the foundations to continue dominating the business software business for many years to come,” said Panos Martinis, CEO of SOFTONE Group.

“We welcome the next day of SOFTONE Group. A special thanks to the founders and shareholders G. Karatzikos, D. Valachi, N. Arenikis, and S. Voglitsis for their contribution to the emergence of SOFTONE as one of the leading technology companies and their cooperation in the smooth transition of the company to the new era. We look forward to close, long-term and constructive cooperation with new investors. The priority of this cooperation is the creation of even stronger growth prospects, which will ensure the maintenance of the Group’s leading position in the market.”, stated Antonis Kyriazis, Softone Group Executive President.

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