Weship.gr: The “player” that was missing from the shipping market is here

It is often said that a crisis bears opportunities because that’s when people come face to face with unprecedented needs that they have to solve. In the case of the pandemic, one of these needs was fast shipping. In a period when people stayed at home, the need to send a package to a friend or relative came to surface, alongside with the lack of a source of complete information about the relevant services and the weakness of many shipping companies to respond to these needs.

Weship.gr, George Zahartzis, George Avgenakis and Stratos Giouldasis’ venture , gives the solution to the above needs and offers comparison and choice among couriers and shipping companies. It operates like other platforms and allows the user to have all the information he needs with just a few “clicks”. The customers just open the platform, choose the pick up location and the final destination address, the dimension and the weight of the package and then they can compare prices and find the most suitable company.

Today, Weship.gr cooperates with a lot of different courier and shipping companies, such as ACS, UPS, DHL and FedEx,offering this way many alternatives for the customers. It includes businesses, shipping companies and customers and discovers the best way to send a package. Weship.has developed tools especially for small businesses and online stores in order to enable them handle all couriers from a single and unique environment, create shipping labels , compare prices and program their shipments.This way it gathers the whole shipping ecosystem and becomes the essential “player” that was missing.

The company’s vision is to become a “hub” for this specific market and that’s why the team expands its cooperations and soon enough it will announce big agreements with greek Marketplaces concerning the shipment of products in and out of Greece

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