WATT+VOLT: New partnerships

WATT+VOLT is creating new partnerships by expanding its Chargespot car charging network

WATT+VOLT is steadily evolving in the field of green energy and electromobility with the systematic expansion of Chargespot, the fastest growing network of chargers, to strategically selected locations throughout Greece.

4 new members were added to the network’s potential: The theme parks “The Ranch” in Sofiko, Corinthia, and “Once Upon a Time” in Vlora, the branch of the Gregory’s Cafe coffee chain in Kiato and the Aegli Arachova Hotel. With these new partnerships, WATT+VOLT now gives a green character to the entertainment, recreation and relaxation of electric car drivers while preparing them for sustainable excursions in the countryside.

With access to more than 250,000 chargers, Chargespot is the complete solution to electrification, signed by WATT+VOLT, both for private owners of electric vehicles and for professionals who wish to improve the environmental footprint of their corporate fleet.

Driven by innovation, it has its own easy-to-use application in which owners can find their nearest charger to be “full” of energy wherever they are, charging their vehicle easily, quickly and safely. WATT+VOLT with Chargespot, actively contribute to the development of more sustainable societies.

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