WATT+VOLT at the Connected Vehicle Conference with Chargespot

WATT+VOLT participated in the Connected Vehicle Conference as a main sponsor, as it contributes to the development of electromobility. As a key energy provider in Greece, WATT+VOLT proposes Chargespot for the future of electromobility, its own integrated solution in electromobility for both electric vehicle owners and businesses that wish to give a “green” character to their corporate fleet.

In the context of the conference, Kostas Alexiou, Head of Energy Efficiency and IoT Solutions at WATT+VOLT, spoke about the present and the future of electromobility and the innovation of WATT+VOLT in this field through the fastest growing network of Chargespot chargers.

The Connected Vehicle Conference discussed issues related to the major future changes in the field of mobility, automotive, fleet management and transport in general. It is an important information platform on cutting-edge technologies related to the new era of automotive. The conference is now a point of reference for this and the great appeal and success in businesses that seem to be gaining a greener sign.

“Our primary goal is to respond to the needs of our customers with dedication, efficiency and flexibility. To achieve it, we invest in the systematic research and development of new products and services, maintaining a high sense of respect and responsibility towards people, the environment and society.”, said Kostas Alexiou as a keynote speaker on behalf of WATT+VOLT.

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