Three Al companies that facilitate the recruitment of workforce

Technology can be the best means of finding skilled worker candidates, as long as it is done in the right way. In a context of labour shortages, AI may be a useful tool for businesses that need to fill open positions quickly. However, Al technology may also hide some pitfalls.

In 2018, for example, Amazon made headlines when it was revealed that the AI recruitment algorithm was prioritizing male candidates.

But as technology has evolved, new companies have found ways in which Al can actually boost inclusion in hiring, while promoting new candidates faster than manual methods.

Al is not intended to fully automate the recruitment process but is complementary to the interview. When used strategically, the AI recruitment tools reduce the difficulty in searching for ideal candidates.

Most businesses that are currently unable to fill jobs report that their problem is that they cannot find candidates with the right skills and experience.

For example, the skills mismatch is an issue that California-based artificial intelligence company Eightfold AI aims to solve by being able to identify who is capable of doing the job and not just who has already done the job, according to President Kamal Ahluwalia.

Eightfold’s artificial intelligence platform allows its clients, such as LG and Capital One, to publish jobs, which are then targeted to those looking for similar work.

Unlike technology that searches for specific keywords, the algorithm infers the skills a candidate has from their resume and matches them with relevant jobs.

There is no automatic filtering that excludes candidates due to gaps in their resume – a common criticism of algorithmic selection – and can hide names, gender and race, limiting bias in the whole process.

Hiring out, searching for and approaching potential candidates is a traditional strategy to fill open jobs but it is time-consuming and does not guarantee a conclusion with the right candidates.

In contrast, Fetcher, a recruitment platform based in New York that uses artificial intelligence, targets potential candidates to fill each company’s open jobs

The company developed its algorithm in collaboration with real HR recruiters. Having samples of job candidates, recruiters judge whether these candidates fit in. AI then gets their answers so it can find candidates without just relying on keywords.

Because AI can easily and quickly find candidates for a job, this gives recruiters more bandwidth to have real time with candidates and potentially talk to more than they could.

This is also an important factor in reducing the bias in the recruitment process, especially when it comes to resumes. Therefore, if there are at least 10 people instead of the five who will come for an interview, the HR managers get a bigger picture of the tank of candidates.

When there is a job that needs immediate coverage, finding candidates to interview as soon as possible is a priority – a process that Paradox AI, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, aims to facilitate.

The platform exists as a robot based on text messages and conversations, thus guiding potential employees through a screening process so that they can schedule an interview within a 24-hour period.

Companies using the platform answer extensive questions about jobs and requirements in advance, so that in turn the robot responds to candidate questions at the same time – reducing the face-to-face communication required before a real interview.

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