EYDAP celebrates Women’s Day and puts an end to gender stereotypes

Companies that promote values and people without racial and social discrimination are those that look ahead of their time and through initiatives and actions contribute to the formation of the Charter of Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship. The Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) belongs to this category.

EYDAP’s policy on the issue of human resources is fully in line with the fundamental Principles of the European Commission, as reflected in the National Action Plan for Gender Equality (2020-2025), aiming at a Europe with equality between the sexes.

Contrary to the statistics which indicate that the inequalities between women and men in the labour market have been reduced, but have not been eliminated, EYDAP with actions comes to prove that it treats the possibility of women to develop and emerge professionally in the same way that water flows, that is, as self-evident, necessary and absolutely natural.

The number of women working in administrative and positions of responsibility is the practical proof that the largest water company in the country supports a society without inequalities and discrimination with equal opportunities for all. Specifically, 80% of the General Managers and the Directors of Activities at EYDAP are women, while 58% of the employees in the Directorate-General for Major Projects are women.Also, 54% of the positions of responsibility in EYDAP are filled by women and 50% of the employees in scientific positions are women as well.

Free from gender stereotypes and inequalities, EYDAP honors the 8th of March, which since 1977 was established by the U.N. as International Women’s Day to highlight the problems and promote women’s rights.

On the occasion of the symbolism of March 8th as an awareness day for the obstacles and challenges towards the achievement of gender equality, EYDAP’s women senior executives talk about the values that govern the Organization, the way their work is treated and the possibilities of development that have been given to them during their tenure there.

Katerina Vlastari, General Manager of Human Resources, Efi Nestoridi, General Manager of Digital Governance, Georgia Stefanakou, General Manager of Large Projects, Antigoni Synodinou, General Manager of Transformation, Marianna Mazaraki, Director of Human Resources Activities and with high positions in EYDAP, confirm that the company’s policy is based on the abilities of human and not on the gender, stressing that in EYDAP there is meritocracy and transparency.

In a rapidly changing labour market, it is very important that modern companies respect human values and promote policies concerning equal opportunities in the labour market. Women working at EYDAP talk about these values and, while transferring their experience, they stress how important it is for a modern company to respect the right to work, without discrimination and how proud they are to work at EYDAP. Their common desire is for EYDAP to be a “shining” example in the workplace.

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