Docandu: The only greek startup recommended by the World Health Organization about Covid-19

Docandu has been included in the list with the recommended health services and specifically the Covid Checker service, by the World Health Organization (region of Africa).

Docandu,that so far today has been supporting thousands of users, offering high quality digital health services and online consultation, is the only digital health company to be included in the list of the World Health Organization. 

Also, it is the first greek startup τhat during the first “wave” of the pandemic, developed and gave for free the Covid Checker service, through which the citizen receives individualized instructions and medical advice regarding coronavirus which depends on scientific papers published in the biggest scientific magazines in the world and in the national and international instructions CDC, WHO and NPHO.

Through the platform, from the user’s answers, symptoms, individual medical history as well as social and professional contacts that the citizen has are tracked. So, the user is informed if he may have been infected by the coronavirus or if he belongs to high-risk groups and he is not aware of it.Through the answer he will receive from the platform, he is led to the next steps and if he wishes he can talk to a specialized doctor of Docandu for further medical advice.

Lately, Docandu’s team has been working on new projects, one of which is Dema Care ( application for distance dermatological examination) .The platform has already been tested on 100 patients with different dermatological problems, aiming to detect flaws and then be given to the public with safety.At the same time the technical team of the company, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, has been developing the new mobile app of Diabeat (app for patients with diabetes).These new apps will be completed in 2021 and will be available for iOS and Android.

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