Elevate Greece: The award winners at the 85th TIF

The first Elevate Greece awards were given on Saturday at a big event during the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair.The prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis gave the first award.

The total amounts of the awards were more than 250,000 euros while the companies gained important provisions from the supporters of the awards.

Orfium won the first award for the startup of the year and the 40,000 euros from the EY, Cosmote, EASE and MITEF.Orfium has developed a music rights management system.

Quanta & Qualia (MaGOS) won the second award for technological utilization of the 4th Industrial Revolution and 40,000 euros from Huawei, HP, ABB, Siemens, Oracle and HAMAC.The company has developed a VR system that controls hand and finger movements.

Hack The Box won the third award for the faster emerging startup and 22,000 euros from PwC, Alpha Bank, Nokia and Lancom. Hack The Box has developed a cyber security training platform.

Gnosis (JadBio) won the fourth award for the spin-off of the year and 20,000 euros from Eurobank, PRAXI Network, Intel-Lex and Accenture.The company has developed an advanced biodata analysis system.

OramaVR won the fifth award for social contribution and 20,000 from John Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, Lancom and ΗΕΤΙΑ.The company has developed a VR medical training system.

Augmenta won the sixth award for environmental impact and 22,000 euros from the Hellenic Development Bank, Attica Bank, ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) and BEAT. Augmenta has developed a precision farming technology system that attaches on agricultural machinery.

METIS Cyberspace Technology won the seventh award for business development and extroversion  and 20,000 euros from THE National Bank of Greece, ΕΤΒΑ, ANSYS and the Hellenic-American Chamber.The company has developed a ship management system.

Maria Syrengela and Nannuka won the eighth award for women entrepreneurship and 25,000 euros from Mastercard, Piraeus Bank, Bayer and Google IGC Women Hellas.Nannuka has developed a platform that helps parents find assistants and tutors for their child and for amily care in general.

Owiwi won the ninth award for the start-up from the ecosystem/Best Ecosystem choice and 17,000 euros from Kemel, Salesforce, Demium, Endeavor and Kariera.Owiwi has developed a gamified psychometric test for better hires.

Gizelis Robotics won the tenth award for the Start-up hero, solving challenges from the Covid-19 health crisis and 30,000 euros from AstraZeneca, ELPEN, TUV Nord and Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.The company has developed an air purifier robot.

Finally, special awards were given to school and college students that distinguished on paneuropean level at Junior Achievement Awards Swim.me και FlowOn.

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