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$10Μ Series B funding for Attune Technologies

The amount of 10 million dollars in a Series B was raised by Attune Technologies, a startup that creates cloud-based software for hospitals and labs. The whole process was led by Qualcomm Ventures and had the participation of Norwest Venture Partners. The startup claims that its software handles something more than 10 million patient records […]

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Personali raised $12M

The amount of 12 million dollars was raised by Personali, an online service that retailers use in order to adjust prices and discounts in real time. The funding process was led by Norwest Venture Partners. Retailers can integrate Personali’s code into their online commerce presence. Afterwards, when a customer visits a page, the retailer will check […]

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Swiggy “grabbed” funding $16,5M

The amount of 16,5 million dollars in a Series B round was raised from Swiggy, an Indian curated takeout delivery service. The startup, that was launched in August last year,has hired its own delivery fleet, powered by a routing algorithm, to maximize speed and efficiency! Something, that makes the payment process more convenient and at […]

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