Turn your visitors to customers with Marketizator

Marketizator is a company from Prague, Czech Republic, focusing on conversion optimization for e-Commerce websites.

It does so through a 3 in 1 platform that gives insights to the marketers about their key-segments that are / are not converting, allows them to address with personalized messages / pre-built creative widgets in order to convert more. Marketizor is an affordable tool that allows these 3 key actions in one place:

Segmented Surveys
Marketizator allows e-marketers to create surveys in order to find out different aspects concerning online visitors’ behavior. Surveys can be automatically scheduled to appear when visitors land on a website or when they leave their shopping cart or the website. Moreover, Marketizator’s Survey Projects include the option to create a Thank You Page that will be displayed after the visitor answered to the questions. This way, the chances to create a bond with customers and to engage them will certainly increase.

Very simple page editing (without waiting for a designer to make those little, yet time-consuming changes!)
Marketizator’s Page Editor allows you to make changes on your most important pages of the website; you can remove images, subheadlines, change colors, fonts, move page elements and get new versions of your page. The new modified versions can be tested in real time on real visitors by running an A/B Test. The version with the highest conversion rate is the winner. Now you know that you will implement the best version of your webpage… tested on your real visitors!

Interaction display (banners, pop-ups, video, sound etc) either from Marketizor’s template library or with your own material
Marketizator’s Personalised Interactions allow you to welcome visitors on your website, to create testimonials, on-exit interactions that act like a trigger when visitors want to leave your website, create limited edition offers with countdowns…all of these based on an advanced segmentation. You can use even the temperature as a segmentation criteria.

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