ReGeneration and EY Greece: Partnership for women’s training in data engineering

The program “ReGeneration Academy for Women in Data Engineering powered by EY” implemented by ReGeneration and EY Greece, offers specialized training in the field of technology to young women.

According to the European Commission’s 2020 Digital Skills Table, Greece ranks 26th, with only 16.4% of women declaring themselves specialized professionals employed in the IT and technology sector.

This specialized academy will provide candidates with knowledge and experience that will make them competitive Data Engineers, thus contributing to an inclusive working ecosystem. The training program includes intensive practical training in the theoretical principles and practical dimension of data collection and storage, in the creation of data structures, in the use of databases and the application of architectural databases, as well as in the extraction, conversion and data integration (ETL) to data warehouses.

“At EY, our goal is to create a better working world. Such a vision could not but have at its core, the human.True to our commitment, therefore, to offer our people the tools to fulfill their goals, but also our vision to promote multi-syntheticity and inclusion in the workplace, we are collaborating with ReGeneration for the implementation of the ReGeneration Academy for Women in Data Engineering, powered by EY.

We hope, through this collaboration, to give the opportunity to young, talented data engineers, to develop their capabilities, so that they can deservedly compete in the labor market and, through their work, produce added value for the greek economy and society, at a time when our country is taking the step towards a digital tomorrow.”, stated Panos Papazoglou, CEO of EY Greece.

“Guided by our vision for the democratization of the opportunity for the country’s young people, we continue to design and implement, in cooperation with the ecosystem of companies and other organizations, programs and initiatives that support the future of Greece.Young women are already at the heart of many ReGeneration programs, and we are delighted that through this partnership with EY, we can support even more young graduates to train and dynamically claim a job in the ever-evolving and sought-after data industry. In this way, we hope to contribute, for our part, to the greatest possible and most effective representation of women in technology fields.”, said Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris, Co-Founder of ReGeneration.

Interested parties can be informed about the conditions of participation and submit their applications, via computer, at.

The program has a duration of 100 hours in 6 weeks and takes place online in a digital classroom environment, under the guidance of Code.Hub.

Applications will remain open until November 23, at 14:00.

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