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Tag: E-COMMERCE a global B2B e-commerce platform is a new e- commerce platform for B2B trade and exports of agricultural products and food & drink products, worldwide. is the first “single window” market place, where certified producers, traders and exporters can sell their products online while maintaining access in transport companies, export credit insurance and factoring. The entire transaction is […]

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Smoolis, a Swiss-Greek startup offers hosted e-Shop services

Given the rise of electronic commerce in Greece and internationally, the Smoolis , a startup based in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a user-friendly e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create economically, quickly and simply its own online store with key differentiation point support the Greek language, among others, and the lack of sales commission. The Smoolis started operating in 2014 with […]

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Turn your visitors to customers with Marketizator

Marketizator is a company from Prague, Czech Republic, focusing on conversion optimization for e-Commerce websites. It does so through a 3 in 1 platform that gives insights to the marketers about their key-segments that are / are not converting, allows them to address with personalized messages / pre-built creative widgets in order to convert more. […]

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