Keyvoto: The platform that gives the solution to suppliers and retailers, promises the perfect product experience

The innovative Product Experience Management platform offers the consumer the best product experience in stores as well as in suppliers the ideal digital environment for the exploitation of all the possibilities of e-commerce

In the era of modern and personalized e-commerce, the consumer experience is the most important factor for the success of retailers, whether they are large chain stores, or small and specialized e-shops. A key pillar from which the optimization of the overall consumer experience begins is the proper categorization of suppliers’ products in retailers’ websites.

This is where the product experience management platforms, also known as “Product Experience Management” (PXM), are now specialized, which aim to improve the overall shopping experience.
A modern PXM platform essentially simplifies all – or at least most – processes of retailers and their suppliers, thus creating the ideal conditions for cooperation between them.

One of the most advanced and complete solutions in the field of “Product Experience Management” is the proposal developed by the Greek Startup, Keyvoto.

Keyvoto’s innovative PXM platform offers unique features enabling retailers, suppliers and external partners easily gain access to product information, which is grouped together in a single place.In this way, it offers the consumer the optimal product experience, reducing the constant communication that is usually a time-consuming process, by automatically transferring all useful files and information to a system. Thus, suppliers can manage all their products in an efficient, fast, modern and easy way.

In short, Keyvoto is the ideal solution to the chaos that is created in product information when trying to connect products with retailers or other e-commerce platforms without the appropriate digital “tools” or those specialized capabilities required for smooth and effective product management.

The capabilities of the platform

Keyvoto’s innovative technology can quickly customize all product information according to the unique needs and requirements of each retailer. The basic philosophy in the development of the platform is that for a complete and pleasant experience, the correct digital representation of each product is absolutely fundamental.

That’s why all Keyvoto features aim to improve the digital display of products by showing them as close as possible to their physical image. Having the ability to choose the type or file size and easily download any of the images displayed, each retailer can create the desired environment for him to attract consumers and therefore have the desired development of the business.
Through detailed descriptions, features and images, Keyvoto saves the retailer valuable time, easily turning ordinary visitors into real consumers.

In addition, it provides suppliers with unique capabilities and facilities as they can be easily connected to retailers through a comprehensive API that acts as a link between the two.In this way, it allows the joining of all information and its concentration in a single place, ensuring its safe transfer from Keyvoto to any other ERP, CRM, Loyalty System or e-shop.Essentially, Keyvoto can reset the manual data entry of suppliers for all product information and help develop the e-commerce of each retailer to global standards.

The strategic advantage

Keyvoto’s platform, however, not only simplifies and automates all the necessary management of the product experience, but stands out for another particularly important feature.The newest feature of the platform is Audit (DSA), which enables suppliers and retailers to have direct and continuous access to the market-shares of the online market, to marketing data, as well as to be informed about the performance of their products compared to competing companies, as well as about the performance of their industry, thus covering marketing strategies to upgrade the digital shelf, increase sales and profits.Essentially, it is an innovative tool, which helps suppliers to know at any time what change and in which category (price, features, description, etc.) has been made in any of their products, in each of the retailers’ platforms. And most importantly, all this information is automatically filled in, gathered in one dashboard.

That’s why Keyvoto is the first Product Experience Platform (PXM) in Eastern Europe that can help suppliers and retailers win the first place on the digital shelf.

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