L’Oréal rewards youthful innovation

The Brandstorm competition was completed and managed to attract 83,000 young people who innovate in the field of beauty

L’Oréal celebrated the 30th anniversary of its international Brandstorm competition by unveiling the works of 27 young people in the field of beauty who qualified among thousands of entries from around the world.

In total, nine teams of the three representing Argentina, France, Germany-Austria1, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States qualified for the final, in which they presented their high-level works in the field of beauty to the L’Oréal jury, including members of the management of the L’Oréal Group and Brandstorm’s technology partner, Salesforce.Then, in the final round, the three winning teams selected were offered the coveted, three-month internship at the headquarters of the L’Oréal Group in Paris.

After 30 years of presence, the Brandstorm 2022 competition has managed to achieve a record attendance, with more than 83,000 young people from 65 countries registered, and officially certified by EFMD Global as an online training course.The nine teams that were finalists were selected after 20 weeks of intense competition both locally and internationally. The three winning teams continued to develop their projects in the Inclusion, Green and Tech categories with the support of L’Oréal.

“At L’Oréal, we wholeheartedly support the dreams of young people who innovate in the field of beauty and know firsthand what the youth of today want and expect from beauty brands.L’Oréal’s Brandstorm competition is an opportunity to make their ideas a reality, get guidance and feedback, and jointly create innovations that will stand out.The L’Oréal Brandstorm competition that is organized every year offers guidance at the local level and experience from behind the scenes worldwide, orienting the contestants on a path towards the realization of their business ambitions or the safeguarding of a job in our industry. We are proud of all the participants of the Brandstorm 2022 competition, largely supported by Salesforce technology, which makes Brandstorm a first-class e-learning and creation experience, as well as an exciting competition.”, stated Jean-Claude Le Grand, Chief Human Relations Officer at L’Oréal.

Since 1992, L’Oréal’s Brandstorm competition has brought together more than 600,000 participants, providing students and young entrepreneurs with a platform to showcase their creativity and innovation to a global audience of beauty industry experts and prospective employers. This year, in the spirit of inclusion and continuing to operate as the only competition of its kind, it focused on youth employment, and Brandstorm included all young people under the age of 30, as well as those who were not yet enrolled in higher education.

The theme of this year’s competition, “Disrupt Beauty 2030“, invited participants to imagine scalable and sustainable solutions for the beauty categories Inclusion, Green and Tech, empowering teams to bring positive results in the future.For the first time, L’Oréal partnered with Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), to support Brandstorm participants’ experience by accessing e-learning through the MyTrailhead platform and building a virtual community through Slack.In a first year, Brandstorm also received the EOCCS certification, as a confirmation of the high quality of L’Oréal’s Brandstorm competition experience and the systematic approach to online learning and student participation.

“We were pleased to support L’Oréal’s Brandstorm competition as a strategic technology partner, integrating e-learning into the overall experience and jointly developing the content for the digital achievements offered to the finalists. It has also been a great privilege to be able to guide and act as a mentor for these brilliant young minds who embrace technology, are inherently aware of its potential, and are so enthusiastic about using it for a good cause.”, said Alexandre Dayon, Salesforce Advisory Board Chairman.

The finals of L’Oréal’s Brandstorm 2022 aired on YouTube at 10.00 Paris time on July 1, 2022.

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