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Bunkering at Sea Reaches Agreement with SeaSecure to Be Represented in North West Europe

An agreement between Cyprus-based Bunkering At Sea (BAS) and the SeaSecure, a Norway based IT solutions for the maritime industry company was reached today for the representation & support of BAS’ innovative platform for bunkering needs in Norway and North West Europe. According to a press announcement, SeaSecure will represent the Bunkering At Sea platform […]

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Bunkering At Sea: To Offer Marine Fuel Buying and Selling Platform in Canada, US, Latin America through Representation Agreements

Bunkering At Sea has agreed representation agreements for Canada, the U.S. East Coast, and Latin America. The company has developed a buying and selling marine fuel platform. Tormar Inc and Agencia Maritima Intercontinental S.R.L. will represent the Bunkering At Sea platform in their respective regions, providing training and support to users as well as introducing […]

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