Accenture: Consumers turn to metaverse

According to a new study by Accenture, this trend will push companies from the retail, consumer goods and tourism sectors to increase their investments in Metaverse

The increasing use of innovative technologies (AR/VR) will push companies from the retail, consumer goods and tourism sectors to increase their investments to combine the physical and virtual world.

A recent Accenture study finds that 83% of consumers show interest in shopping through the metaverse. In addition, 42% of respondents said that in the process of purchasing a physical product visited retail companies in the virtual world to receive advice, make a payment or browse a range of products, while 56% of respondents plan to do so within the next year.

According to Accenture TechnologyVision, 55% of consumers say most of their lives are gradually moving to digital spaces. In response, the vast majority of retail executives expect that leading organizations will push the boundaries of the virtual world to make it more real, increasing the need for smooth and seamless navigation between the digital and physical world.

The era of metaverse has already begun. Therefore, for companies that come into direct contact with consumers, the debate is no longer about deciding whether to go to the metaverse, but about how. In addition to new revenue opportunities, metaverse can also help build engagement through experiences that go beyond simply buying a product.

The study also found that 50% of consumers buy or would be interested in buying a travel experience, such as sightseeing or hotel accommodation. It is important to emphasize that the metaverse is not going to replace the physical journey, but to complement an overall experience.When it comes to the entertainment sector, 54% of consumers said they are buying or interested in buying tickets for a concert, performance or sporting event that takes place in a digital environment.

Therefore, companies that come into direct contact with consumers are invited to create, shape and market products, services and experiences that can move between the physical and virtual world.Commercial applications of the metaverse are still at an early stage, but will be developed very quickly. In this context, successful brands will be the ones that will work with consumers and the metaverse ecosystem to create digital products and services that meet these rapidly emerging needs

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