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Moptil:Travel back in time with the help of Augmented Reality

At a time that Greece is hesitantly making its first steps in tourism for 2021, after a disheartening season and with a lot of dangers still lurking, everyone-travellers and professionals-are seeking solutions which will offer unique experiences, equivalent with those provided before the pandemic. In this environment it is indisputable that technology will “save” the […]

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Gravity: 3D Sketching in an Augmented Reality Environment to Increase Creative Collaboration (video interview)

Mexican Daniela Paredes Fuentes, French Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche and American Oluwaseyi Sosanya, four Innovation Design Engineering students based in London, started in October 2013 to develop a tool that would question the way creatives use CAD (computer aided design) software in 3D designing. After experimenting with different ideas they came up with GravitySketch, […]

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