Pitch Marathon: An interactive startup competition in Berlin, Germany

The third edition of the Pitch Marathon will be held on November 22nd in Berlin. On one side, 42 top startups from across Europe will be pitching, and on the other side, a room full of great investors will be listening.

The goal of the event is to help European based startups to get in touch, build relationships and raise money from global investors.

How does it work?
1. If you are running an European startup you can apply here. If you are an investor and you’d like to meet the top 42 startup you can buy your ticket here.

2. The organisers will host 4 one-hour pitching sessions, each with at least 10 startups presenting for 4 minutes in quick succession. In order to maximize the interaction between investors and founders, investors will have a chance to meet with the founders between the sessions and reward their favorite startups with “Pitch Marathon Euro”. At the beginning of every break each investor will receive 2 million “Pitch Marathon Euro”. The startup with the most “cash” at the end of the event becomes the Grand Prize winner.

There won’t be a regular judge panel, feedback or Q&A part after each pitch, but all that happens during the break when all attending investors, will judge through the game, ask questions and give feedback to the selected startups.

Full event agenda here.

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