Metavallon’s The Lab: A global e-venturing program for startup founders

Aimed at aspiring Greek and international entrepreneurs and geared towards the needs of startup founders, The Lab embraces practical knowledge and activity guidance as means towards this program’s goal, new venture launch.

The first of Metavallon’s 3-tier series, Τhe Lab is an action-driven guide for aspiring founders to explore the essentials of entrepreneurship, transform their initial idea to an in-depth business concept, and progress steadily towards validating and launching their business.

The program is revolves around two complementing axes. The first is Metavallon’s novel “e-venturing” online platform, which primarily comprises:
– 8 core modules with rich educational and instructional material, a.k.a. the Opportunities
– a Venture Space for the teams to build, transform, and present their new ventures
– a Discussion Hive for exchange, feedback, and networking within our community, and
– access to and interaction with select Experts from our global network

The second axis is a Breakthrough series of onsite sessions, expressly forged for initiatives with high-growth potential (a.k.a. startups). It features:
– 8 weekly sessions that take place in Athens
– presentations from participants and feedback from select guest Experts
– advanced workshops on startup business topics
– further instruction and coaching towards execution

Following Metavallon’s anti-application process, the PreLab, participants dive in to develop and structure their initial idea in terms of a business,  actively explore its feasibility and market fit, and take solid steps towards launch. Each week, selected participants are invited based on their work to participate in the Breakthrough series and supercharge their endeavors. A rigorous 2-month-long schedule closes with a Demo Day for those that still persevere – an invitation to present their rising startups before a panel of experts and investors.

An active and results-driven participation in The Lab will set you the founders for Metavallon’s international startup take off program, The Accelerator.

Regardless of where you are or your employment status, The Lab is a first step and a path you can take towards validating your idea and building a valuable business. Yet it is not only that people can reach out to The Lab from anywhere around the world, but they can also be reached through it, by our global network of coaches and experts that engage and share.

If you are interested in participating in The Lab, this is how you can do it:
– Step 1: Get a sneak peek into our e-venturing platform. Start with the PreLab, our hands-on Opportunity (module) that replaces the generic application process with an experience you can learn from.
– Step 2: Enroll in The Lab. Complete the PreLab, submit your Goals and an one-time registration fee (€20/team),  and prepare to seize the entire challenge.

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