International career for Stripe and Revolut

The two FinTechs share a common vision: to upgrade the financial services provided worldwide

Revolut will leverage Stripe’s international reach to accelerate its expansion into new international markets, including Brazil and Mexico.

Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform, intends to support FinTech for processing payments in the UK and Europe. Leveraging Stripe’s infrastructure in global markets, Revolut aims to provide the seamless fulfillment of payments that will meet local preferences.

David Tirado, Vice President of Business Development at Revolut, explains: “Revolut creates solutions for its customers, without friction or other obstacles. This means access to quick and easy payments, and our partnership with Stripe makes this easier.We share a common vision and are excited to work together in many areas, from leveraging Stripe’s infrastructure to accelerate our global expansion, to exploring innovative new products for the more than 18 million Revolut customers.”

Revolut, founded in 2015, has approached over 500k. businesses in more than 200 countries and new markets.

FinTech offers a huge range of services, including accounts, insurance, transactions, invoicing, BNPL products, and now in-person payments.

Recently, Revolut expanded its business into a deal with Salesforce, planning to hire 2,800 new sales agents, and also announced its merger of Revolut Payments with Revolut Bank.

“Revolut Payments merges with Revolut Bank”

Revolut and Stripe share a common ambition: to upgrade financial services globally.We’re excited to support Revolut as it grows, scales up and helps people around the world get more out of their money.”, said Eileen O’Mara, EMEA’s head of revenue and development at Stripe.

In addition, Stripe launched new banking infrastructure in the UK, EU, and Mexico in June 2022, offering automated banking and transfer solutions.

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