Investment from Senovo for Slideflight

Slideflight enables lecturers to share their presentation in real-time on the mobile devices of the audience.

The vision of the company is to make sharing presentations as simple as possible. After downloading the Slideflight PowerPoint Add-In, the lecturer can publish the presentation with one click and automatically receives a 6-digit ID number. The listeners are able to follow the presentation with this ID live on their notebooks, tablets and smartphones. The presentation can be viewed on the Slideflight app or on the web viewer. It is easy to export the presentation as PDF, to save it for the future and to use it as a digital handout.

Slideflight is a recent spin-off released by the venture capital company Senovo. Senovo supports and funds young B2B companies with a focus on the software and technological sector. During many presentations and conferences, the team of Senovo noticed that listeners regularly take pictures of slides and that presentations are rarely received by the audience afterwards. Many event organizers do not have all contact details of the lecturers or the audience which makes it impossible to share the presentation. Slideflight solves this problem by sharing presentations with a 6-digit ID in real-time as a digital handout.

While Slideflight focuses on PowerPoint presentations, another solution called Beamium was created for PDF-documents. The lecturer can publish PDF-documents with one click. After dragging the document on the website, the lecturer gets his ID. The viewers can follow the presentation on the same website with this ID. Frederick von Mallinckrodt, Managing Director of Senovo: “We frequently receive pitch-presentations and reporting files per email. Discussing them via phone often becomes complicated because you never know on which page the participants of the meeting currently are. With Beamium we created an innovative solution to tackle this problem.”

The feedback from the market during the test phase of Slideflight and Beamium was astonishing. After the software was further developed, Slideflight GmbH was founded as independent company and further developed since then by the founding team around Georg Kremer and Philip Franta. Shortly after, the company managed to convince the responsible persons of well-known conferences. Last year, Slideflight already participated as technology partner at the K&K Congress and the Handelsblatt Change Congress. At both events, the resonance was very positive. In 2016, the company will participate in many famous events. Among others, Slideflight will be inserted at didacta (the world’s biggest education fair), at DGfE Congress and at the Petersberger Trainertage. Moreover, several universities prepare the usage of Slideflight in the education sector. “Based on the recent success of the management team and the potential of the idea, we decided to invest a seven-digit number in the company. The investment will help Slideflight to further improve the technology and to strengthen the marketing and sales team.”, says the investor Senovo.

Georg Kremer, Managing Director and CSO of Slideflight: “We are very thankful for the trust of Senovo and happy to have such an experienced partner who supports us in bringing our products to the market. Senovo shares the vision of Slideflight and stands 100% behind the technology. The motivation of our team perfectly matches with the philosophy of Slideflight.”

Philip Franta, COO of Slideflight: “I am excited about the idea and the fields of application of the products since the very beginning. With Slideflight and Beamium we created two innovative solutions with added value for events, universities and companies. Beside the usage at traditional conferences, we are going to further optimize the software for telephone and online conferences. Senovo is a great partner which supports us in many strategic and operative areas. A great deal of our success belongs to our highly-motivated team which we regularly strengthen with new team members.”

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