The new development era for Halki is inaugurated

Deloitte will support the planning for the revival of the Village and through this, it will also support the promotion of the island as a green and digitally advanced destination

Utilizing its extensive experience in strategic projects of regional character, Deloitte undertakes to support, free of charge, the Municipality of Halki in the ambitious project of revival of the historic settlement “Chorio” with the aim of increasing its population. In this context, Deloitte will develop a Strategic Plan for the revival of the settlement, as well as a Study on the socio-economic impacts that may arise from the implementation of the Plan.

The project is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions, following a corresponding pro bono Study it had drawn up for the island of Astypalea with the program “Astypalea 4.0” and in collaboration with Axion Hellas aiming at the sustainable development of the island so that it becomes an ideal and green destination for visitors and residents.

Why Halki?

Halki attempts to enter a new era of extroversion, sustainability and the emergence of a new strategic narrative, which repositions it on the map as an ideal tourist destination, but also an ideal location for permanent living. The revival of the historical settlement of Chorio has the potential to mark the beginning of this new development era for Halki, acting as a powerful symbol for the promotion of Halki, both domestically and internationally.In fact, since last autumn, Halki became the first island to join the national initiative “GReco Islands”, which through a series of public and private interventions aims to make the Greek islands models of green economy, energy autonomy and digital innovation. Halki’s inclusion in the initiative was accompanied, among other things, by a provision for the construction of a photovoltaic park, the donation of electric vehicles and the development of 5G infrastructure and broadband networks.

Why in “Chorio”?

The historic settlement “Chorio”, which is located within a range of just two and a half kilometers from the port, is historically the most important settlement of the island. However, from the 19th century onwards the settlement presents a picture of abandonment and desertification. Today, “Chorio” is one of the main attractions of Halki, due to its churches, monasteries, medieval castle and archaeological findings. “Chorio” has an important building stock of about 300 buildings, which, if properly exploited, will have the potential to house permanent residents, commercial activities, as well as basic public services, such as health and education services. Therefore, the basic infrastructure is in place to develop in the village a diverse and dynamic community consisting of people who work either in local activities or remotely-including “digital nomads”-, as well as people who have retired, thus triggering the development of a “silver economy”.

Deloitte Greece’s contribution to the project

Believing in the dynamics of the above vision, Deloitte undertook to support the Municipality of Halki in the planning for the revival of the village and through it, to support the emergence of the island as a green and digitally advanced destination. For this purpose, Deloitte will prepare and deliver to the Municipality of Halki a comprehensive Strategic Plan that will include the following:

Analysis of the current situation of the village, including the surviving buildings (number, condition, possible uses, etc.), the public infrastructure (road network, electricity network, telecommunications coverage, etc.) and monuments of archaeological interest.General conditions prevailing on the island of Halki will also be analyzed, such as the structure of population and economy, as well as the transport interconnection with other parts of the country.

Identification of the long-term strategic goals for the development of Chorio.In this context, in close cooperation with the local authorities, the desired model of sustainable economic development of the region will be defined (which indicatively will be sought to be based not only on tourism, but also on sustainable agri-food, processing and services), as well as the “target audience” of the project (e.g. permanent and/or seasonal residents, people coming from the island and/or from third regions of Greece, workers and/or pensioners – while particular emphasis will be placed on the target audience of digital nomads).

Identification of the prerequisites for the achievement of the strategic objectives. For example, attracting a certain number of families with children would require a certain capacity in the island’s schools.

Proposals for targeted actions in order to accelerate the implementation of the strategic objectives. In direct cooperation with the technical services of the Municipality, the prerequisites related to the improvement of infrastructure will be reflected. It is noted that the actions will be time-bound and will be accompanied by proposals on potential investors.

Upon completion of the Strategic Plan, Deloitte will carry out a study of the socio-economic impact that its implementation may bring. In particular, the study will quantify the added value and jobs that the Plan is expected to create.To the extent that the positive impact of the revival of Chirio on the island’s economy will be documented, the study will be an important tool – a “road map” for the Municipality of Halki, in order to convince the local community, as well as public or private bodies, to support and finance the implementation of the project.

“We are particularly happy for both the social and the economic impact on the inhabitants of our island and of course for the environmental impact. Through such an innovative project, Halki will not only benefit in terms of its population, but will also attract new ones, revive and become a model island not only for Greece but also for Europe as a whole.”, stated the Mayor of Halki, Evangelos Fragakis.

“Our strategic partnership with Deloitte strengthens the impact we leave on the country’s border islands as we offer in combination to the citizens and the island’s administrative bodies. With this project, Halki will emerge as a viable, socially equal and more upgraded community even from the urban centers of the country.”, said Kyriaki (Sandi) Korma, President of Axion Hellas.

“In the context of Deloitte’s global strategy to consolidate the principles of sustainability, Deloitte Greece participates with great pleasure in this unique initiative to revive the “Chorio” of Halki.For us, it is a challenge and a priority to use our means and knowledge to help local communities build a sustainable future. Following the experience we accumulated through the “Astypalaia 4.0″ program, through this project we aspire to continue the tradition and contribute to the maximum possible extent to the enhancement of the tourist value and sustainability of the island regions, to the attraction of new people, as well as the development of new projects that will highlight our country internationally as a model center of green growth and innovation.”, noted the CEO of Deloitte Greece, Dimitris Koutsopoulos.

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