Gizelis Robotics and Liftco bring to Greece the state-of-the-art AGVs to upgrade logistics

Gizelis Robotics is constantly upgrading the automation solutions it offers to the Greek market, this time with the new series of automated material handling systems, Logistics applications and warehouse management. With its recent commercial collaboration with Liftco – Forklifts & Automation, Gizelis Robotics includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in its wide range of products.

AGV, autonomous guided vehicles, can undertake the transport, movement or stacking of loads without the presence of an operator. Our AGVs use state-of-the-art automated navigation system and state-of-the-art safety systems that allow vehicles to move safely in mixed traffic areas. The offered vehicles do not need inductive cables, magnets or reflectors for triangulation since their navigation function is based on the natural feature navigation technology.They can be used in areas without a specific infrastructure, reducing operating costs from the outset. They have high precision sensors (safety rated sensors), while they are equipped with high definition cameras in accordance with the standards of the current European legislation. They have a navigation and positioning system in absolute precision, in order to recognize physical obstacles or restrictions and to perform a defined route with safety.This way, the risk of an accident from the transport or displacement of cargo becomes almost zero. At the same time, the production line and the movement of machinery within each production area are optimized, creating a safe working environment for the prevention of accidents.

Options are offered for the conversion of vehicles to AGV quickly and safely, thus allowing the utilization of the existing fleet, while there is the possibility of cooperation with existing WMS, RP warehouse management systems.

“Gizelis Robotics has chosen to work with a leading supplier of forklift automation solutions, such as Liftco, which has deep knowledge and experience in Greek market.The expertise in robotics and automation applications of Gizelis Robotics in combination with Liftco’s innovative AGV systems, which have continuous adaptability and multiple uses, maximum safety, low cost, and specialized design with high durability, is the ideal platform for the company that wants end-to-end automation solutions throughout the material handling chain, in the age of Industry 4.0.”, stated Evangelos Gizelis, Founder & CEO of Gizelis Robotics. 

“Liftco has been active for more than 15 years in the field of forklifts, special load transport machinery and generally support equipment in the field of Material Handling as well as systems in logistics warehouses and industries. We have valuable experience in the field of operation and maintenance of all types of forklifts or other special vehicles.”, commented Thanasis Papaleloudis, CEO of Liftco.

“We are happy to join forces with Gizelis Robotics, the leading integrator of robotics systems and high-tech automation applications in our country,” added Iliana Sousoni founder of Liftco.

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