MWC Barcelona 2022: The top Greek Startups

The Startups that will represent the tech ecosystem of Greece give a feedback on what is to come at MWC Barcelona 2022

The Mobile World Congress 2022, the biggest event for the presentation of tech products of the year with a significant Greek presence that expects to leave its mark, begins.

The conference may have gone through a difficult period of cancellations and dim participations due to the pandemic, but it seems that it has fully returned to accommodate the companies that will highlight the next trends in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, 5G computers, VR and AR equipment.

With the Russian delegation meanwhile being excluded from the event for the sake of the events caused by Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, as announced by the GSMA organization that undertook the event, the rest of the countries are attending as normal.

Among them is Greece, with domestic Startups emerging steadily, ready to enhance their extroversion, captivating international and European interest.The list of Greek companies that will participate is long, indicatively Acromove, Allweb solutions, Apifon, Calpak, Crossnics, Crowdpolicy, Cytech, Dataverse, DIB-IN, Dotsoft, Excelon, Fasmetrics, Finloup, HotelToolbox, Narratologies, Orfium, Moptil, PROBOTEK, Infin8, Keeano, Magos, Yodiwo, SaMMY, Radefy, Regate, Optechain, Paloservices and Uni Systems will be found in MWC.

This year’s Greek mission has as its central message “Innovation Unleashed” as it seeks opportunities for cooperation, through the communication and networking of the domestic innovation ecosystem, the participating businesses, with global companies and international bodies. Sponsors of the Greek delegation in this effort are the Region of Attica, Samsung, Uni Systems and egg.

The Greek presence will be flanked by a booth at both MWC 2022 and 4YFN. Greece’s mission will include member companies of SEKEE, as well as innovative companies from clusters such as egg, Pleiades and THEA, which are active in various areas of the event, from 5G infrastructure to AR/VR and fintech solutions.

Startups talk about MWC Barcelona 2022

Startupper spoke with some Startups about their participation in such an important event, the potential benefits they expect to reap both for themselves and for the wider Greek technology industry, listing a few thoughts on their presence this year.

“In an era in which new technologies are integrated with each other and break down the boundaries between the digital and the physical, UniSystems constantly transcends the existing frameworks by expanding its activities.

We decided to sponsor the great national effort and be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona because we believe that cooperation, open culture and communication create common meeting places for different market sectors, putting at the service of innovation distinct technologies, through a plethora of partner ecosystems, where everyone cooperates with everyone and exchanges know-how.

Pleiades IoT Cluster, which we support, is such a meeting point, as through it we strengthen the potential of smaller and Startups, academic institutions and larger enterprises with specialization and in order to provide solutions to long-term market challenges through innovation.

We are in Barcelona in order to expand our innovation network and further develop the effort we have begun with experts from many different fields to utilize their experience and knowledge for a better and innovative future.” – Antonis Cassano, Business Development Director of Uni Systems.

“We live in an era full of opportunities. Our participation in MWC 2022 is no exception. As technology evolves rapidly, its continuous monitoring is an integral part for any business to be ready to respond effectively to the challenges of the future. This is the direction in which this year’s participation in the MWC is moving, aiming to get to know our future partners.” – Ouranis Vasilapostolos, Co-founder & COO of Magos.

“Finloup takes part in the MWC 2022 in the context of extroversion around the field of digital payments and specifically buy now pay later, as we utilize the most advanced technologies so that merchants can sell interest-free, without any charge, products to consumers. With our participation we want to strengthen our network internationally and look for opportunities for collaborations abroad – this is also our vision.

The conference is a unique opportunity for the innovative enterprises of the Greek ecosystem. The partnership of bodies such as egg and SEKEE ensure the participation of some of the most promising Startups starting in Greece.” – Antonis Prentzas, Co-founder and CEO of Finloup.

“After the cancellation of 2020 and the meager participation of 2021 due to the pandemic, the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona is once again being held in full extent and is once again hosting the Greek mission.

Since 2016, when Yodiwo was founded, we have been constantly supporting this mission and we are proud to be part of it, enhancing the extroversion of innovative Greek SMEs. In the largest exhibition in Europe that covers the whole spectrum of technological developments, our companies have the opportunity to network by promoting their products, to create new sales channels and to be informed about the international competition.” – Alexandros Maniatopoulos, Co-founder and CEO of Yodiwo.

“The MWC exhibition is one of the largest international exhibitions where major manufacturers have the opportunity to come across great ideas from Startups from all over the world.The Greek presence in the exhibition puts a small stone in the profile of Greece abroad, with particularly attractive business efforts in the field of modern technologies. Moptil, as a member of egg, has the opportunity to participate and get to know companies of the 5G, AR, VR and AI sectors, receiving in a fast, full and concentrated way a very good picture of the international reality.

The promotion of our products, services and our recent award by The Hellenic Initiative was realized with great success, through the virtual channels of the exhibition that were easy to use, while giving us the opportunity, without our presence being necessary, to get to know the international trends and the constantly developing and changing globalized scene today.” – Michalis Kokkinos, Founder of Moptil.

The organization of the Greek mission, which consists, finally, of more than 42 companies as well as organizations active in the field of innovation, is coordinated by The Hellenic Association of Innovative Applications Companies (SEKEE), the Ministry of Digital Governance and Enterprise Greece.

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