European distinction for a group of students of the National Technical University of Athens

A group of students of the National Technical University of Athens, department of Chemical Engineering, won the second place and the silver award in the European Competition for Ecological-Innovative Food Products ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2021, which was held online on Sunday, October 24.

The students represented Greece with the product Nutri Salad Bars, which had won the corresponding National Competition last September. The greek team, with an excellent presence, impressed with its innovative product, a fact that is reflected in the great success it achieved.

In total, thirteen teams of students from an equal number of European countries participated in the Competition. The tendering process and the ceremony were also held this year remotely, due to the pandemic.

The award winners were firstly, the Danish team that won the gold award, ECOTROPHELIA Europe GOLD, for the product “Tempty”, a healthy, tasty and sustainable product, which is an alternative of the meat proposal, based on the mycelium.

Also, the silver award, ECOTROPHELIA Europe SILVER, was shared jointly by two countries: the greek team, with the product “Nutri Salad Bars”, a salty cereal bar with Mediterranean flavor, in 3 flavors (greek salad, green salad, vegetable salad) and the french team with the product “Butternot”, an alternative to butter and margarine, of plant origin, without fat.

Finally, the UK team won the ECOTROPHELIA special marketing prize for the product “Libero“, a non-alcoholic coffee liqueur of the Arabica variety, with a rich aroma and sparkling texture. However, due to the tie in second place, no bronze prize was given.

The timeless and successful participation of greek students from various Higher University Institutions of the country, despite the adversity of each time, confirms the creativity, talent and potential that exist, elements that the greek Food Industry can exploit.

In the 11 years that the Federation of Greek Food Industries organizes the National Competition ECOTROPHELIA, the greek teams have managed to be distinguished at European level 5 times, winning 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze awards.

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